Our management service is made up of three parts that are billed separately:
leasing, ongoing management, and maintenance.
For a flat fee equal to 50% of one month’s rent, we handle the process of finding you a qualified tenant and moving them in. This process includes:
  • Providing feedback on your property before listing
  • Developing a pricing strategy based on your budget and timeline
  • Taking high quality, attractive photos
  • Advertising your property across 20+ different websites
  • Showing the property
  • Screening applicants
  • Completing rental paperwork
  • Collecting the first-month rent and deposit payments
  • Performing the move-in inspection and handing over keys

For a percentage of the gross rent (ranging from 8-10% depending on location, the complexity of the property, and other variables), we:

  • Hold and account for deposit money held in trust
  • Collect rent
  • Handle payment of utility bills paid by the owner
  • Pay owners monthly via direct deposit
  • Provide 24-hour on-call availability for maintenance problems/emergencies
  • Assist with tenant retention
  • Coordinate vendors (landscaping, pest control, etc)
  • Serve tenant notices if they become necessary
  • Provide monthly/yearly cash flow statements
  • Keep owner informed regarding ongoing maintenance needs of the property

We use a combination of on-staff personnel and outside trusted contractors to handle the maintenance needs of our managed properties. This approach allows us strong quality control, and the ability to be highly responsive when necessary, and keeps costs low for simple repairs. For repairs or other requested projects that are handled by our in-house staff, we bill hourly plus the cost of materials used. If your property needs specialized or advanced repairs including (but not limited to) appliance repair, plumbing, or electrical projects, we will always obtain bids from licensed contractors and vendors who are known for excellent work.

Preventive and Routine Maintenance

We work with you to determine a schedule of preventative/routine maintenance projects such as gutter cleaning, sprinkler/faucet winterization, roof cleaning, HVAC maintenance, and any other needs your property may have.
We typically perform property inspections 1-2x per year depending on the property and how often we are there. We utilize in-house staff who are familiar with your property and therefore more likely to notice if something seems different or wrong.

Urgent Response

Maintenance services that are responsive and of high quality are essential when disaster strikes. For example, we have responded:

  • When a tenant’s neighbor forgot to set their parking brake and the car rolled down a hill and through the front door of the tenant’s home…two days before Christmas.
  • When a tenant called to say that the sewer line was backing up into all sinks and tubs…on Christmas Day.
  • When a tenant called to report a gushing water pipe in their wall at midnight during the heaviest point of a snow and ice storm and roads were treacherous.

If your property needs a significant amount of work or remodeling, ask us about our consulting rates to help you coordinate your project.

Owner Involvement

If you like to handle repairs/cleaning yourself, we are happy to work with you to minimize your costs. We reserve the right to take over maintenance/repairs if we discover that safety issues arose as a result of the owner’s work, that protocol was not followed, or that tenant rights were infringed upon by the owner.

We take care of all your property management needs