Decorating with pumpkins is part of what makes Halloween fun, but it is never as fun to take away decorations as it is to put them out in the first place. You might find that your tenants drag their feet when it comes to post-Halloween cleanup.

Besides the eye sore that decaying pumpkins create, it is important to remember that they also draw rats. Rats are becoming an increasing problem in cities as well as suburbs. Our pest control partner tells us that this is because local governments have drastically cut back the baiting of sewers. As the weather turns cold, this growing population of critters (along with raccoons and other pesky varmints) are looking for food and a warm place to live. You do not want your property to be that place.

Also, if you have fruit trees on your property such as apples, pears, etc, the fallen fruit needs to be picked up. It is no fun to nag tenants about these things, but it is much less expensive than correcting a pest problem and damage later.

While inspecting the area, you might also want to:

  • Check your foundation vents and other places where critters can get in. Are these places adequately blocked?
  • Take a look at the roof/gutters: water features are great, but not when they cascade from your roof.
  • Make the most of your property visit and winterize while you are there. If you take some foam faucet covers with you and other materials you might need, you can take care of your faucets and pipes before the freezing temperatures arrive.
  • Wish your tenant a happy holiday season!



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